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Our philosophy in the vineyard is simple, rather than pushing the vineyard to unsustainable yields, we are trying to achieve a natural balance. We do this by not spraying systemic fungicides, pesticides or herbicides, not fertilising with mineral fertilisers and reducing, in some cases, eliminating irrigation. Our vineyards generally achieve a balance within a couple of seasons, the vines and fruit are healthier, with much improved disease resistance, albeit with a reduced yield of flavoursome naturally farmed grapes.


We developed a taste for the Chenin from this vineyard before we were forced to farm the vineyard ourselves or face the vines being ripped out. This was our first foray into vineyard management as well as organic farming.  That was in 2016 and we are still farming this little plot of Chenin along with Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc in the Western reaches of Mount Barker today.


Sub region - Mount Barker

Planted - 1996

Elevation - 200m

Soils - Granitic Sands over ironstone



A tiny one acre outcrop of Riesling atop of the Porongurup range. Planted by

hippies in the 1970s, we have had to bring it back to life after bushfire and grazing by feral sheep.


Sub region - Porongurup

Planted - 1977

Elevation - 350m

Soils - Granitic Gravel Loam


Planted by Plantagenet Wines in the late 80s on a well drained North facing slope

just south of Mount Barker. The vineyard recently changed hands and is now home

to a number of bovine, whom we try to keep well clear of the vines. Much of the vineyard has already made way for pasture, the remaining blocks are planted to Chardonnay along with three clones of Pinot Noir.


Sub region - Mount Barker

Planted - 1988

Elevation - 150m

Soils - Sandy Gravel Loam


A little slice on the Northern slopes of Porongurup  with epic views of the Stirling Ranges. Planted to Riesling, three clones of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.


Sub region - Porongurup

Planted - 2000

Elevation - 300m

Soils - Granitic Gravel Loam


A vineyard planted to a number of varieties on the Narrikup Ridge, just south of Mount Barker. We are still in the early stages of understanding this vineyard having only taken the reins in 2022.


Sub region - Mount Barker

Planted - 1999

Elevation - 150m

Soils - Gravel Loam


This vineyard certainly gets that extra bit of attention, being much closer to home. We were told that growing grapes down this way wasn’t easy, with cool summers, humidity and constant threat of rain leading up to and during harvest. I’m not sure whether to put it down to good organic vineyard management or pot luck, but so far, so good. In the ground here we have three clones of Chardonnay, four clones of Pinot Noir as well as Sauvignon Blanc.


Sub region - Denmark

Planted - 2000

Elevation - 50m

Soils - Deep Karri Clay Loam

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